The Best Fully Loaded Kodi TV Box: 

Besides videos, you can also take photos and music into the Kodi database and play with the TV but that’s not all! If you add “Add-ons” when adding media, you can access the already mentioned add-ons and install them with just a few clicks. This extends the media offer for the Fire TV in turn.

Also, the look of the Media Center can be adjusted. If you open the “Display Skins” menu in the settings, you will find a series of ready – made themes that change not only the look but also the operating concept of Kodi. To install it, click on “Skins” and then select “More”. This is where the available skins are listed, which you can download and activate immediately.

Kodi by Smartphone or tablet:

Also convenient: Under “Settings – Services – Remote Control”, select “Allow remote control”, you can control Kodi with smartphone apps. Recommended is the Kodi Remote for Android, the XBMC Commander for iOS, or the Kyra for Kodi app. The setup is simple: After launch, the apps automatically search for Kodi installations on the network, which you can then remote-control.

The reality is a goal. Gadgets aimed at this purpose, known as media boxes, offer all the videos you have in one place, with few clicks away. It turns out that there is one, called Kodi Box which is being used as the definitive tool of piracy – and is taking away the sleep of the authorities.

How does it work?

Just plug in the Kodi Box to get access to pirated content already on the internet – and we’re not just talking about movies and TV shows, it also plays pay TV channels.

The UK, because of strict copyright laws, is hunting the media pits. Federation against Copyright Theft (Fact), for example, has stated that “Kodi boxes loaded” (i.e. full of apps for pirated movie playback) are “top priority” today.

All in all, Kodi is the new technology that turns your TV into a magic box. Gone are the days when TV was limited to watch the channels, with Kodi you can enjoy latest movies and videos and also you can listen to your favorite mp3 track. If you want to enjoy YouTube videos directly on your TV set, with the facility of Wi-Fi, you can watch any videos that you like to watch them over and over again.


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