Aspiring musicians have some stiff competition when it comes to getting noticed. All over the internet, you see talented individuals belting out covers and originals on a daily basis. So, if you want to get noticed, how do you stand out from the rest? These days it takes more than talent to catch attention. It requires both a mastery of charm and a knowledge of how social media works. Talent might get someone to talk about you for a moment. But, you’re going to need more than that if you want to get to the next level.

Build a Channel

Before, bands and solo artists would do gigs in bars, events, and even weddings to get some attention and hopefully book the next job. Nowadays, your gigs can happen online. With websites like YouTube and Sound Cloud, artists can share their music to any fan willing to listen. No longer do musicians have to depend on just actual stage performances but now they can record them and have it spread across the web. It’s important to build a channel in these sites and continuously provide new music and content. There are even services to boostyour page so it’s viewed and like more times. Websites like allow users to inject more popularity into their page.

Talent on TV

Have you noticed how there are so many “find the next superstar” type of show recently? It’s like they got the idea of American Idol and multiplied it. It’s a new and unconventional way to get noticed, but hey it works. There are music superstars who were discovered from appearing on shows like these. Not all of them even won! Stages like these are where you need to turn the dial up on your charm. Audiences gravitate towards those who not only sing well but can show how pleasing their personality is.

Kick it Old-School

There might be new mediums and channels to express your musicality. But, doing it old-school still works for a lot of people. Booking live gigs and continuing stage performances is still a great way to get noticed. Record labels and fans like artists who have a superstar stage presence. Interacting with the audience is something a lot of artists crave as well that they don’t get by simply doing a YouTube concert. It’s also a great way to practice performing in front of a lot of people.

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