Short Lashes? Not Anymore!

Lash extensions are a new trend most women are crazy for. And why not? It is always good to give your eyes that dramatic look. The job once done by mascara or false lashes are now being replaced by permanent lash extensions as it decreases the daily effort in applying all the eye and lash makeup or false lashes and make you look beautiful naturally.

Even if it is loved and accepted by many of the women across the world and even tried and trusted, when it comes to extensions, there remain so many misconceptions about it. Below are some of the most common myths people share about eyelash extensions in Queens.

  • It damages natural lashes: eye extensions usually do not cause any damage to the natural lashes if properly applied by a trained certified professional. Application by untrained, uncertified, unlicensed professionals can cause damage . Going for a cheaper of poor quality lashes, low cost Application and adhesion of lashes together are all the reason that may cause damage.
  • Natural lashes are falling only because of extensions: most people do not know that just like hair, natural lashes do fall and have shedding cycle every four to six weeks. Unlike hair, it remains unnoticed as it is too small to be noticed and grows back in time. Lash extensions have nothing to do with the lash growth cycle.
  • The process is very painful: No pain is involved in the entire application process. In a proper application there won’t be even a pinching sensation. It is possible that people may get anxious on seeing tweezers used so close to the eyes which is just normal, but no pain at all.
  • Climate and humidity damages extensions: our body itself provides natural oils and nutrients to lashes in case of hot and humid conditions. So it does not cause any harm to extensions as well as it is applied on natural lashes. In fact extensions are suggested in such conditions than makeup which may smudge in such hot climate.
  • Cant apply makeup with extensions: oil free makeup can be used just as we would do in natural lashes. Makeup is not an enemy but just keep the lashes away from curlers as it may damage extensions as well as natural lashes.
  • Cant repeat the process without breaks: There is no such rule like you have to wait for a period of time for the next application. You can do it as many times you want without breaks and stay beautiful forever.

So don’t be afraid to give it a try and flaunt the thick lustrous lashes to the world.

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