Know What Are Advanced Driving Lessons?

Lessons that advanced drivers can teach about the driving

 Advanced driving is ability for the user to control the speed and position of the vehicle safely and smoothly by using the road and traffic conditions. It is a safe way of driving where the advanced drivers are more effective and more observant about the surrounding conditions. By the observing perfectly the drivers can able to plan their driving. Now let us see some lessons of advanced driving instructor:

  • First adjust your seating position. The seat should not be too high or it should not too far from your pedals. Always prefer to bend your legs, do not keep your legs straight. By following these you can protect from your hip damage.
  • Many people just concentrate on the car front of them. Train your eyes to look at the very last way of the road you can able to see. Concentrate to look far ahead as possible. If you try this you can improve your vision and you can have safe driving by avoiding accidents.

  • Maintain your tyres and make sure that you always use the tyres with fully loaded pressure. The drivers can experience tyre burst on high pressure. The air present in the tyre keep it cools and the presence of air is more in it, the cooler it runs. To measure the pressure use the dependable gauge.
  • Do not drive with one hand. While using the steering wheel always use the fingers not the palms and keep your thumb up and hold your steering wheel correctly. While turning left or right use the push and pull technique, by this the steering wheel will not slip out of your hands.

Andy1st driving school provides both theoretical and practical training in the UK. This school provides special offers for the new costumers. This school has both the male and female instructors to teach the driving lessons and how to drive both in manual and automatic cars. To give learners a smooth and reliable driving the cars are replaced with a new brand car for every six months or if you have any problem with the car it will be replaced within 24hours.

All the instructors in this Andy1st  driving school build up confidence level and driving skills more quickly. The students can receive excellent driving tuitions from the best instructors and teaches you to use observational skills at every point.

By these lessons you can drive safely and you can know more about your car.


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