How can you send an email to fax and receive a fax to email?

You can send and receive the mail or fax through fax machine or online fax service. Fax machine is used to send and receive the fax in paper document. You can set the automatic date and time to send and receive the fax. If you have the internet connections, then you can send and access the fax anywhere at any time. By using fax machine, you should place the paper in document feeder and select the document to send, select the default time when it will be send. Can you send an email to fax? Yes you can send and receive the files or documents through fax machine. Before that, you should check the fax machine which it properly works or not.

The fax machine is plugged on every time and then only they can get the fax without any fail. If you have plugged out the fax machine for sometimes, you may have the chance to miss the important files or documents at the time. Can you send an email to fax by using fax machine? Here, we are explaining about how to send an email to fax.

  • Log in your email account
  • Provide the fax number in the recipient field instead of giving email address
  • You should provide the subject line and content of the email and it will be covered the fax page.
  • Then, you can attach the documents to fax and the documents will be in PDF format, words or any other format.
  • Then, click the send option to send the fax using the email service. The fax service will convert your documents into the suitable file format.
  • After that, you should wait for some moment for sending the message.
  • Then, the fax service will send the confirmation page to show that the fax was successfully sent.

Here, we are explaining about how to receive the fax to email. The interested candidates can look after the given points.

  • Check, whether the fax machine is on or not.
  • The fax service waits for the fax line to ring, if they got the fax and it will start the ring
  • It will notify the user from their mobile phones, smart phone or email.
  • The fax machine will transmit the fax information to the fax service.
  • Now, you can store and access the faxes.
  • Then, the email will be arrived the print of the fax in PDF format.


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