How an Impact Wrench Works

Impact wrenches are used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts by relatively putting lesser amount of efforts. Whether it is an air impact wrench, electronic impact wrench, or a cordless impact wrench, all of them work in the same way. The major force in application in this tool is torque- rotational force. The torque is generated in little bursts referred to as impact. This makes it obvious why this tool is called an impact wrench.

Most of the impact wrenches come in an L-shape, since it is most easy and convenient to have a grip when the structure is so. But nowadays to make impact wrenches more compact, the impact wrenches come in an in-line design which means the whole structure is in a straight line. While these are more compact, pistol grip offers more ease of access in places that are hard to reach.

An impact wrench comes with an electric or air powered motor that enables sudden and intense short bursts or impacts that help loosening or tightening a nut or bolt. An impact wrench helps in assembly projects by exerting a twisting force on the nuts and bolts and by further exerting pressure that pushes the nut or bolt. All this make sit quite apparent that working by hand would be unimaginable difficult.

While all kinds of impact wrenches have more or less the same kind of function, the impact wrenches that are powered by air (pneumatic impact wrench) are preferred by professional workers because they generate more torque in comparison to the electric-powered impact wrenches. But since an air-powered impact wrench needs an air compressor, electric impact wrenches and especially cordless impact wrenches are better to use if you want to carry it around.

If you have ever been confused if an impact driver and an impact wrench do the same job, you might want to think again. While both generate torque and both have a rotating action, they both differ in the functionality. An impact driver has more of a downward force that would rather be helpful for loosening bolts that are stuck without stripping them.

Impact wrenches nowadays come with a number of added features, like a gauge to track the amount of fuel, and light that lets you work in darker corners.  While these feature add cherry on top of the cake, impact wrenches are in themselves a great tool one should have in the toolbox.

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