Drink clean tap water with an RO system installed

How many times have you opened the kitchen faucet only to find dirty water or contaminated water pouring through? Unless you have a good filtration system which is either under sink system or located elsewhere, water from faucet is rarely clean.

The best option is to invest in an RO system, which will ensure clean water through your kitchen faucet. The RO system is a reverse osmosis system which will have anywhere between five to seven stages of filtration. The filtration process removes dirt, contaminants and ensures pH balanced water.

The kind of contaminants removed by RO systems range from dirt to chemicals. At the pre-filtration stage, the system removes larger particles like sand and silt. RO systems are usually equipped with a carbon filter which will remove chlorine. Chlorines clog finer filters at a later stage and needs to be removed by a carbon filter.

At the core of the RO system

There is a semi-permeable membrane which removes all molecules larger than that of water. Substances such as lead, asbestos, minerals like calcium and even bacteria will be completely removed. Chemicals like fluoride, chlorine and minerals like calcium and salt are also removed. At the end of the process, only pure water molecules remain.

Pure water has many uses. FDA recommends it for medical purposes while it is also used in industry for water purification purposes. Most RO systems claim to give you 90-95% clean pure water. However, in reality the purity levels are actually lower. However, water is safe to drink even with an 80% purity level. Cheaper systems which do not have elaborate processes may have only 50% to 60% purity level of water. Percentage of water purity goes down as the system ages.

Water from RO systems is pure after being stripped of all its minerals. Thus, it is called dead water with no health benefits. Some of the minerals it cleans out are considered necessary for human body and are found in natural pure spring water. However, RO water does not make you sick. Water is not the sole source of minerals and while water which has been though the RO filtration process is stripped of minerals, it is still healthy. It also removes harmful substances like lead and arsenic which is usually found in water transported though pipes over long distances.

There are many benefits of RO system, the most important being that it provides healthy water in its purest form.


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