Determine fraudulent/ prank calls with a 1-800 database

Safety is not just about the actions but also the knowledge aspect as well. That is why in training and drills there is always a discussion and information dissemination before the drill itself. Because not everything is learned by experience and an effective training can be effective if there are discussion and application at the same time.

If you receive fraudulent/ prank calls that will be your application. For you not to fall in things like this you need to have either an experience handling these kinds of things or a source of information that can help you determine if the very convincing call was indeed a fraudulent/ prank call.

Client Order: 1-800-database – is your number one source of information when it comes to these things. It’s a website that can help you tell if the call was indeed valid or not. It’s a good source of vast information from people to people.

Sharing platform: The website can give you a lot of information from a certain number alone especially the history of the prank calls that were reported. These reports from real people can help another person with fraudulent/ prank calls.

Public service: it’s all about public service, there has been no site that provides a vast amount of information from a 1-800 database been before. It’s free service and pretty much a good public information page for fraudulent/ prank calls. What you need to do is utilize the information given to you properly and don’t make any false reports.

Needs your help: The site is highly informative and since it only relies on the efforts of the people reporting here, you need to do your share and help other people discover the site by sharing it. The more people knowing and reporting from this site will make this site more effective in its advocacy in giving information to the public.

No strings attached: were you informed that this is a free service? It very much is and there are no strings attached. What the website wants from you is that you do your share, report and spread the word.

Call for help: The website is an information based website for fraud and prank calls, the website is not affiliated with any enforcement agency and will not be able to contact any law enforcement on your behalf. If you think that your life is in danger, you need to call the law enforcement to secure you and make you safe


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