Cloud based Business Software – How does it help?

Setting up an IT infrastructure now a days has become quiet an expensive and time consuming process for many. With limited resources and expertise small to midsized businesses are feeling the heat. Therefore the trend of shifting towards cloud computing is fast increasing. The technology makes use of the internet to provide you with memory, storage and processing power for running various software applications. Earlier a user would run applications from software downloaded on a physical computer. But with a cloud based business software the same job can be accomplished through the internet. Due to this changing trend a few years down the line atlas 10% of any business unit would be making use of the cloud services.

Why Move to a Cloud based Service?

  1. The cloud based services come with a very important functional quality of flexibility. If your business is on the rise or you are looking to scale down your business you can change the cloud capacity easily.
  2. Unlike traditional set ups these give you the advantage of a faster data recovery. Not only this they also help save time and investment in hiring a third party for the same.
  3. There is nothing much to invest for maintaining it as the updates are automatic and are under control of the vendor. Also the servers are out of your premises so you do not have to worry much.
  4. These work on a subscription based model and do not involve much of a hardware therefore are said to be free from capital expenditures.
  5. Since the data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime it enables employees to make changes in real time. Also a cloud based business software helps collaborate with others in the organization effectively.
  6. Since your data is stored in could its security is not dependent on any machine like laptops and desktops. You can be rest assured that your sensitive data is safe.
  7. Unlike the traditional servers and software deployment is fast with the cloud based systems. You can have all your applications up and running within a few months only.
  8. Last but not the least these are great interns of energy savings as well. Since the hardware is not physically located in your premises these systems are great in terms of saving energy as well. Since the requirement of a server room is negated the required electrical consumption for the same is all zero. This saves in a lot of cost and energy as well.

All said and done if you wish to survive in this era of cut throat competition switching on to cloud based systems is a must.

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