6 Best Small SEO tools

6 Best Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools are obviously big which offers lots of tools to monitor the problems with SEO,also, these tools will aid improve the ranking of our website in SERPs.

We know that the most important thing to rank our website in the index of Google is a key word, high-quality content, quality inbound links, social media signals, and much more.

Keyword position tool:

So, let’s start with the keyword. Knowing the position for specific keywords in the search engines is important. To do that, we can use the Keyword position tool  which helps to check the position of our keyword in the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

This tool allows us to check up to 5 keywords at once. We can also have an option to select the page range too.

6 Best Small SEO tools

Grammar checker and Plagiarism checker:

While focusing the content on your website, we need to consider two things. One is Grammar and another is duplicate content.

We can’t manually check whether the content is plagiarized or not. So, we can use the plagiarism checker tool  which is a free tool and available online. No need to download this tool to our PC, and also no membership is required to use this tool.

We can easily check grammar manually, but we can’t be quite sure if it’s 100% correct. So, we could ahead with the free grammar checker tool  by small SEO tools. It is quite simple to use, and checks grammar instantly.

When it comes to off-page optimization, two things play a major role,which includes quality inbound links and social media signals.

Backlink checker:

So, how can we check that links from other website are of good quality? For that, we can use the backlink checker  which tells us exactly whether the inbound links are of good quality or not.

Best SEO toolsSocial media signals checker:

Still, the social media signals are a good ranking factor in the eyes of Google. So, if our site’s social signal is strong, then our site will get indexed in Google.

To check the social signals status on our website, we can use the social media signal checker . It is quite simple to use this tool and it will display the entire social signals (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Stumble Upon) on our website.

Website page speed checker:

Google is now considering the page speed of the site is a major ranking factor. To check this, we can use the website page speed checker .  It is quite simple to use and also it gives the accurate results.

Hope you’ve understood the top tools by small SEO tools. Try these tools to improve the website rankings in the SERPs.