Know the Net Worth of FedEx Billionaire Fred Smith

Frederick Wallace Smith is a chairman, founder, and chief executive of the global delivery services company Federal Express, known as FedEx. Smith’s overnight carriage service was anything but an overnight success. According to, his net worth is estimated to be $4.7 billion.

FedEx ships around 10 million packages daily in almost 220 countries. He founded FedEx with a net worth of $4 million and rose up $91 million in venture capital. In the early days, one bank clearing house is to be found in the central of the representative banks and all the agents have to visit the dominant location for swapping materials. FedEx is founded with the business idea of a shipping bank clearing house.

Smith was born in 1944 with a bone disease, but soon became an excellent football player when he was just 10 years old. Later, he developed a great passion for flying and became a skilled amateur pilot.

He came up with the idea of Delivery Service Company to his father-in-law company, Ark Aviation Sales and expanded the company into selling and buying corporate jets. The annual revenue of the company was around $9 million which further advanced Smith’s net wealth.

Success story of FedEx

In April 1973, the first operation was carried out with only 18 packages. At that time, this new service failed to convert into a business activity and the company loses $1 million per month. After such failure, Smith tried to convince nearly 20 leading risk venture capitalists and raised $60 million in capital. Soon after year, the FedEx become one of the highest financed and largest airline cargo carriers.

In 1980, he introduced Digitally Assisted Dispatch System and Customers, Operations and Services Master Online System to improve its operations and handling. Soon, it got used by more and more customers and started servicing for more than 90 cities in the US.

The company constantly enhanced and expanded its services around the world. The extension and integration of the global economy and advance of internet commerce greatly added to the company’s enhancement.

Visit to find out more about the successful businessman Frederick Wallace Smith. Smith is also the co-owner of several entertainment companies, Washington Redskins football team. He also contributed his role in boards and councils of a number of big companies and holds several awards. He is also the member of the Junior Achievement US Business Hall of Fame, the Aviation Hall of Fame, and the SMEI Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame.


Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program – importance

What is Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program? With great teachers, Anasazi treats young individuals with a philosophy that heals them to change the way they live their lives. These programs which are conducted in the desserts of Arizona with experienced staff are very caring and focus on the behavior of individuals and help them to change themselves to live a better life. A small group of youngsters go hiking in the desserts of Arizona and live a simple life during their 49 days stay there. They eat rice and lentils and sleep on ground. Involvement in the Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program is not forced. Individuals with personal responsibility can only participate in this.

Why is it important to attend this program?

First of all, involvement in these programs is not forced. Individuals with personal responsibility can only participate in this. At Anasazi, they recognize each individual is considered very worthy and has the potential. Individual believes, traditions and faith are always respected.

  • They use Mother Nature and care about the youngsters to help them listen, learn, understand and respond. The teacher never over reacts as they believe that nature does the job and never over reacts.

  • The games that they make them play help the youngster to involve himself and have honest efforts to get it done. The teacher never instructs the individual unless asked for. This builds confidence and trust in the individual that they can handle any situation on their own.
  • In the silence of dessert, the individual gets time to think and react about the situations in his life. Here they even think about the relationships in their life. They get time to think about correcting them.
  • Children become what they are treated at home. The more they are blamed; they become stubborn and try to protect their independence and identity. Hence recognizing the child as an individual and respecting him becomes important.
  • Problems arise when parents try to power, control or manipulate things for children. This results in more differences and getting closer. At Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program, the key in changing the child is character and not using techniques.
  • A “shadow” is assigned to each individual who works closely to counsel them throughout the journey. These specialists are Master degree holders and work under the psychologists of the program.
  • The games, group seating and all other activities teach the individual the need to restructure himself and get accommodated. Also teaches to build healthy relationships of different kind.